Benevolence Request Form

Greater Pearlie Grove M.B. Church 

Benevolence Process

The purpose of the Benevolence Fund is to provide financial assistance to members who are in need on an urgent basis.  The Benevolence Fund may not be applicable for cases which need long-term financial support.  The church as the right to adjust, disapprove or provide assistance other than monetary help when considering a members' request.

Members are not granted financial assistance based on relationships with church leaders or being a significant church contributor.  The church does not discriminate between members based upon race, color, sex, national origin, age, geographic territory, or disability.  The Benevolence Committee may provide short-term (or emergency) assistance to ensure that members have the basic necessities such as food, housing, clothing, and medical assistance (including counseling).

The preferred method of providing assistance to pay for a member's needs will be paid directly to the service provider.  Assistance may also be provided in the form of goods or services.  The type of assistance provided will depend on the member's needs and available resources.  Completing and signing the application gives the committee approval to contact the vendor where funds are needed.


  • Active Member of Greater Pearlie Grove M.B. Church
  • The need must be related to a short-term financial crisis (medical emergency, accidents, loss of job, etc.)

Benevolence Process

  • Complete and submit the on-line Benevolence Request form.
  • A Deacon will contact the member regarding the request and schedule a meeting, if necessary.
  • The Deacon will submit the application to the Benevolence Committee for consideration.
  • The Benevolence Committee will approve, deny or ask for additional information within 5 days of receiving your application.
  • The member will be made aware of the Benevolence Committee's decision, and a check will be distributed to vendor, if approved.

Additional Criteria

At the discretion of the Benevolence Committee, the member and spouse (if married) may be required to comply with one or more of the following.

  • Provide documentation regarding your income, personal bank accounts and expenses.
  • Participation in financial counseling, to include but not limited to, enrolling in a biblical financial management class or completing a workbook on biblical stewardship.

 In the event the process stalls or becomes dormant due to non-compliance on the part of the member requesting assistance, the process will have to be restarted. The information has to be completed and signed within 30 days of starting the request.


I hereby authorize the release of information to Greater Pearlie Grove M.B. Church to receive the assistance I am requesting. I further certify the information I have provided is true and correct and that all income has been reported. I understand that Greater Pearlie Grove M.B. Church may verify the information on this application and any deliberate misrepresentation of information will be subject to denial of assistance or services. I authorize Greater Pearlie Grove M.B. Church to discuss my case with other agencies, businesses, churches, attorneys, individuals, and any others deemed necessary to verify accuracy of information and/or identify additional sources of assistance. I understand that all information will remain as confidential as possible within these entities. Greater Pearlie Grove Missionary Baptist Church does not accept any responsibility for any loss related to or cause by reliance on the information provided. The materials contained herein are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice on any subject matter. I have read, understand, and agree to the disclaimer/release and the Greater Pearlie Grove M.B. Church's Benevolence Policy.

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